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The Executive Branch

Answer the following questions concerning the
Executive Branch.

4 yearsterm of office
35 years oldAge a candidate must be
Natural-borncitizenship qualification
Commander-in-chiefarmed forces
Executive Branchcarries out the laws
Head of Executive BranchPresident
22nd AmendmentLimits President to 2 terms
10 yearsmost a President can serve for
25th Amendmentsuccession of President
Vice-Presidentserves if President can't
12th Amendmentchange method of election of President
Civilian Authorityhead of military cannot be a officer in the military
Electoral Collegeelects President
Born of the soilborn on American territory
Born of the bloodborn of American parents
Presidential power that Senate has to approve by a 2/3 rds votetreaties
power of the President that has to be approve by the Senate with a majority voteappointments
270votes needed in the Electoral College to win the election
Vice-PresidentPresident of the Senate
Camp Davidretreat for President in Maryland
CabinetAdvisors to the President
President's oathpreserve, protect, and defend the Constitution
State of the Unionyearly message given by the President
60 daystime a President can use the military without Congress' approval

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