Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


Practice using geographical terms.

climatetype of weather that a place has year after year
mountainlan that rises high above the land around it
oceanone of the largest bodies of salt water
riverfresh water flowing through land
lakewater with land around it
islandland with water around it
baywater protected on several sides by land
harborplace for ships to dock
hillland that is slightly higher than the land arond it
plainlage area of mostly flat land
geographystudy of the Earth's features
physical featuresomething found in nature such as weather, plant life, water, or land
valleylowland between mountains or hills
plateauhighland with steep sides and a flat top
peninsulaland with water almost all the way around it
coastland next to a large body of water
desertan area with a very dry climate
portplace where ships can dock
human-made featuresomething added to the land by people
landformthe shape of the land

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