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vocab unit 1, 2, 3

simulateto feign, pretend, afftect
coalitionan alliance, league, federation, combine
transcendto surpass, exceed, outstrip
umbrageoffense, irritation, annoyance
provincialnarrow-minded, parochial, insular, local
unctuousoily, mealymouthed, wevile, farning
jadedsated, satiated, wearied, worn-out, dulled
perogativea special right, a perquiste
assuageto mitigate, alleviate, to apease, alske, allay
hiatusa gap, break, a pause
intercedeto intervene, mediate, plead
elicitto call forth, evoke, extract, educe
hackneyedbanal, trite, commonplace, corny
luridgruesome, gory
decadencedecline, decay, degeneration
expostualteto protest, remonstarte complain
meritoriousepraiseworthy, commendable
approbationpraise, approval, commendaiotn
petulantirritable, peevish, testy, waspish
lassitudefatigue, lack of energy, lassiness
surmisean inference, presumption, to infer, gather
precipitatereckless, impetuous, to provoke, produce
stringentstern, rigorous, tough, urgent, imperative
milleniuma chilid, a golden age
exhortto urge, entreat, implore, adjure
occultsupernatural, esoteric, adstruse, concealed
callowimmature, inexperienced, green, raw
permeateto pervade, suffuse, saturate
inveighto rail, remonstrate, express strong dissapproval
infringeintrude, to violate, tresspass
drivelhogwash, nonsense, aimless talk or thinking
bombasticinflated, pompouse, highfalutin, high-flown
interloperan intruder
epitomesummary, a model, an instance that represents a larger reality
ex officioby virtue of one's job
ingratiateto cozy up to, to make oneself agreeable to gain acceptance from others
ameliorateto make better, improve, amend
intrinsicessential, inherent, belonging to someone by its very nature
aplombpoise, assurance, confidence, composure
abominateto abhor, detest, to hate
adventitousextrinic, incidential, chance
expediteto accelerate, speed up
vitriolicwithering, acerbic, like acid
noncommitalplaying it safe, not decisice or definite
tenuousslender, flimsy, unsubstantial, vague, hazy
peculateto steel, embezzle
circuitousindirect, roundabout,
enjointo command
proclivitya natural bent, penchant, propensity
seditiousmutinouse, rebellious, subversive
sangfroidpoise, self-assurance,
commiserateto sympathize, feel sorry for, empathizew
wheedleto cajole, inveigle, sweet talk
expiateto redeem, make amends for
acculturationadopting ways of another social group
nominalexisting in name only, not real
fermentcommotion, turmoil, turbulence, unrest
inadvertantaccidnetal, unitentional

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