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Vocabulary Units 3-4

Review vocabulary for semester exam.

abridgeto make shorter
adherenta follower, supporter
altercationan angry argument
cherubicresembling an angel portrayed as a little child
condoneto pardon or overlook
dissentto disagree
eminentfamous, outstanding
exorciseto drive out by magic
fabricateto make up
maraudera raider
obesityextreme fatness
pauperan extremely poor person
pilferto steal in small quantities
rifta split, break
semblencea likeness
surmountto overcome, rise above
terminateto bring to an end
tritecommonplace, overused
usurpto seize and hold a position by force
abscondto run off or hide
accessadmittance to places, persons, or things
anarchya lack of government or law
arduoushard to do
biasedfavoring one side
dauntto overcome with fear, intimidate
disentangleto free from tangles
fateddetermined in advance by destiny
hoodwinkto mislead by trick
inanimatenot having life
incinerateto burn to ashes
intrepidvery brave
pliantflexible, bending easily
pompousoverly self important in speech or manner
precipicea very steep cliff
rectifyto make right
reprievea temporary relief or delay
revileto attack with words

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