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Spanish - Verbs

Spanish verbs

hablar (ah-BLAR)to speak
bailar (bah'-e-LAR)to dance
buscar (booss-KAR)to look for
cambiar (kahm-be-AR)to change
comprar (kohm-PRAR)to buy
desear (day-say-AR)to wish for
estudiar (ess-too-de-AR)to study
llegar (yay-GAR)to arrive
necesitar (nay-sa-se-TAR)to need
pagar (pah-GAR)to pay
preguntar (pray-goon-TAR)to ask
regresar (rray-gray-SAR)to return (something)
tomar (to-MAR)to take or to drink
trabajar (trah-bah-HAR)to work
gustar (gooss-TAR)to like (be pleasing)
dar (dar)to give
comprar (kom-PRAR)to buy
tener (tay-NAIR)to have
aprender (ah-pren-DAIR)to learn
comer (ko-MAIR)to eat
leer (lay-AIR)to read or to lecture
escribir (ess-kre-BEER)to write
quedar (kay-DAR)to stay
tocar (to-KAR)to play an instrument
manejar (mah-nay-HAR)to drive
caminar (kah-me-NAR)to walk
pintaban (pin-tah-bahn)painted
esquio (ess-KEE-o)skied
patino (pa-TEE-no)skated
eran (AY-rahn)were
era (AY-rah)was

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