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Weather Vocabulary

2nd grade weather vocabulary

weatherwhat happens in the air all around us from day to day.
meteorologistA scientist who studies weather and its causes.
cirrusThese clouds look like feathers moving swiftly across the sky by fast winds.
cumulusThese clouds are fat and fluffy at the top and gray at the bottom.
StratusThese clouds are low and flat, and look like a gray blanket in the sky.
CondensationWhen heavy clouds cause water to fall because they can't hold any more.
EvaporationWhen water is heated by sun and turned into water vapor.
PrecipitationWater that has fallen and runs into rivers, lakes, or the ocean.
FogA cloud near the ground.
BreezeGentle wind.
Wind vaneInstrument that measures wind.
GustSudden strong wind.
WindMoving air.

Karen Attaway

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