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French Revolution--42 Q

Review people, places, events, and ideas about the French Revolution.

(More than forty questions)

To which estate did the majority of the French people belong in 1789?About 97% of the French people were in the Third Estate.
What tax was collected by the higher clergy before the Revolution?A tithe, a 10 percent tax on income, was collected by the higher clergy.
Who were the wealthier and best educated members of the Third Estate?The middle class or bourgeoisie--professionals, bankers, lawyers, teachers, businessmen
To whom did peasants own taxes and feudal dues before the Revolution?land taxes to the king, the tithe to the clergy, and feudal dues and fees to the noblity
Which groups had the most power in theEstates-General when it met in 1789?The First and Second Estates (clergy and nobility, respectively)
Which occurred first: the French or the American Revolution?American Revolution
Order these events: fall of the Bastille, death of Louis XVI, start of the National Assembly, Great Fear1-fall of Bastille, 2-Great Fear, 3-start of National Assembly, 4-death of Louis XVI
Who was the wife of King Louis XVI?Marie-Antoinette
What was the Bastille?an old prison in Paris that was stormed on July 14, 1789 (Bastille Day)
Name the class made up of the French nobility.Second Estate
Which class was made up of the Roman Catholic clergy?France's First Estate
What is the bourgeoisie?the middle class in France's Third Estate
What event in the countryside forced nobleds to give up thier privileges?the Great Fear--peasants attacking the country estates of the nobles
What did the National Assembly hope to do with taxation in France?make it fairer
What social systems did the National Assembly end?feudal obligations and the three estates
In what document is the Declartion of Rights of Man andCitizen included today?the French Constitution
Why did angry French women march from Paris to Versailles in 1789?to demand bread from the king in Versailles Palace
How did the National Assembly weaken the power of the chruch?church lands were confiscated (taken away) and sold to raise money for the government
What is a unicameral assembly?an assembly with one house; bicamercal assemblies have two houses
Where did the king and queen attempt to flee to when they felt endangered?to Austria, but they were discovered and returned to Paris
How did European monarchs feel when they learned about the revolt against the Louis XVI, the French king?worried about their own safety; fearful that the revolution would spread
Whos was the revolutionary orator who stirred people to defend the French Revolutions?Georges-Jacques Danton
Who were the lower class radical men who wore long trousers instead of knee breeches?sans-culottes
Who were the extreme radicals who believed themsleved to be defenders of the people in the National Convention?Jacobins
Who were the moderates in the National Convention who wanted to protect the moderate middle class from the radicals?Girondists
Why did the Committee of Public Safety adopt the policy of consription (the draft)?to expand the size of the French army
Which Jacobin leader was arrested and executed after his extreme postion caused followers to fear for their lives?Maximilien Robespierre
What was the Directory?the executive councils of five who lead the French governemtne under the 1895 constititution
What is the French term that means a quick seizure of power?coup d' etat
What is a dictatorship?a government headed by an absolute ruler
Name the secondary school that Napoleon created to educated patriotic government employees.lycees (pronounced lee SAY)
Order these: National Convention, Estates General, National Assembly, DirectoryEstates General, National Assembly, National Convention, Directory
What is suffrage?the right to vote
What are the general goals of a reactionary?to return to the way things used to be
What is the general goal of a moderate?to keep the status quo, the way things are at the present
What is the general goals of a liberal?to institute change that has not been tried before
What is the general goal of a radical?to make extreme changes, to put into effect many new ideas
In the political spectrum from left to right, who are on the left?radicals and liberals; radicals are the extreme left
In the political spectrum from right to left, what groups are on the right?reactionaries and conservatives; reationaries are to the extreme right
In the political spectrum from left to right were are the moderates?in the center between liberals and conservatives
What were the goals of French nobles who were emigres?to flee France for their own safety and/or to ask foreign monarchs for help against the Revolution
Why did the French wage war against other Europeans during the Revolution?first to defend the revolution and then to spread the Revolution throughout Europe

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