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Chapter 6 E Vocabulary

poldernew land reclaimed from the sea
peninsulaa body of land nearly surrounded by water
plateaularge raised areas of mostly level land
tributaryriver or stream that flows into a larger river
navigableclear enough for ships to travel
tundratreeless plain where only grasses and mosses grow, covered by snow for more than 1/2 the year
permafrostpermanently frozen soil
steppeRussian grasslands
hydroelectric powerpower generated by water-driven turbines
fossil fuelfuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil that develop from the ancient remains of plants and animals
reservesavailable supply
rain shadowarea on the dry sheltered side of a mountain that receives little rainfall
taigalarge Russian forest
loessrich, dustlike soil in North European Plain (also in China)
chernozemblack soil of Ukraine

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