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Unit 12

appreciable(adj) sufficient to be noticed or measured
autocratic(adj) absolute in power or authority
blanch(v) to remove the color from: to make or turn pale; to parboil
blasphemy(n) an act, unnterance, or writing showing contempt for something sacred
brawny(adj) strong, muscular
concerted(adj) planned or performed in cooperation with others
contendto fight, struggle; to compete; to agrue
humane(adj) kind, merciful
illustrious(adj) very famous, distinguished
intolerable(adj) unbearable
irreverent(adj) disrespectful
laborious(adj) not easy, requiring hard work
lithebending easily, limber
maltreatto abuse, use roughly or cruelly
ponderto consider carefully, reflect on
subversive(adj) intended to undermine or overthrwo; (n) one who advocates or attempts to undermine a political system
synthetic(adj) made or put together by people; (n) something artificial
temperate(adj) mild, moderate
venomous(adj) poisonous; spiteful, mean
wily(adj) sly, shrewd, cunning

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