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Mrs. Browning's 11th Grade Short Story Review

This review encompasses the five short stories studied in Mrs. Browning's American Literature and Composition class.

plotseries of events that make up a story
characterperson in a story
protagonistmain character
antagonistcharacter in conflict with the main character
flat charactercharacter that doesn't change
round charactercharacter that changes constantly
stock charactercharacter that is common; easily recognized
settingtime and place of a story
point of viewperspective of the story; who tells the story
thememain idea of the story
symbolismwhen something has deeper meaning than the surface
ironywhen the opposite of what you expect happens
irony of situationan event that is the opposite of what you expect
verbal ironywhen a character says something unexpected
dramatic ironywhen the audience knows something that the character doesn't
stereotypical characterstock character
flat characterstatic character
round characterdynamic character
"Hills Like White Elephants"Ernest Hemingway
"A Rose for Emily"William Faulkner
"Young Goodman Brown"Nathaniel Hawthorne
"The Fall of the House of Usher"Edgar Allen Poe
"To Build a Fire"Jack London
Verisimilituderealistic characterization
Edgar Allen Poeinventor of the modern short story
archetypebasic pattern
earthmotherwoman who wants to take care of everyone and everything around her
heroman who "saves the day;" fights evil
wise foolcharacter who appears to be stupid, but who is really quite wise
initiation patternwhen character passes from childhood to adulthood or from ignorance to knowledge; usually involves physical torture
scapegoat patternwhen one person is sacrificed fo the good of the entire group
quest/journey patternwhen the protagonist is on a constant journey forward in search of adventure

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