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Lines of Defense


mucusA thick, sticky fluid that lines the membranes of the respiratory system.
ciliaSmall, hairlike structures lining the membranes of the respiratory system.
inflammationA defense response by a part of the body, resulting from infection, injury, or irritation and marked by such symptoms as redness, pain, and swelling.
bacteriaMonerans that feed on dead organic matter or on living things.
immune systemThe body's system that defends the body against pathogens.
immunityThe body's resistance to a disease or infection.
antibodiesProteins produced in the blood that destroys or weakens bacteria and other pathogens.
vaccineA preparation of dead or weakened bacteria or viruses that produces immunity to a disease.
Jonas SalkThis man developed a vaccine for polio.
Louis PasteurThis man developed a vaccine for rabies.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick

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