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Wie Geht's Chapter 5 Grammar

Modals and Pronouns + Sondern vs. Aber

Iich, mich, mir
you(fam sg.)du, dich, dir
heer, ihn, ihm
ites, es, ihm
shesie, sie, ihr
wewir, uns, uns
you(fam pl.)ihr, euch, euch
themsie, sie, ihnen
you(formal)Sie, Sie, Ihnen
to be allowed to, mayd(~u)rfen [darf, darfst, darf]
to be able to, cank(~o)nnen [kann, kannst, kann]
to have to, mustm(~u)ssen [muss, musst, muss]
to be supposed tosollen [soll, sollst, soll]
to want towollen [will, willst, will]
to likem(~o)gen [mag, magst, mag]; m(~o)chten [m(~o)chte, m(~o)chtest, m(~o)chte]
order for pronounsdative object before accusative; then accusative pronoun before dative object or pronoun
but, howeveraber
but on the contrary, howeversondern
sondern...must be negated; usually opposites
aber...can be negated; never opposites or mutally exclusive like sondern


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