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Map Skills

Identify different forms of land and water

baypart of a sea that is partly surrounded by land
canala waterway built to carry water from one place to another
canyona deep, narrow valley that has steep sides
coastland along the sea
deserta large, dry area of land with little or no rainfall
dama piece of land that holds back the flow of a body of water
glaciera huge mass of ice that slowly slides down a mountain
mouththe place where a river empties into a larger body of water
peninsulaa piece of land surrounded by water on three sides, and connected to land on the other side
islanda piece of land surrounded by water in all sides
plaina large area of flat or gently rolling land
valleythe lower land that lies between hills and mountains
volcanoan opening in Earth's crust from which ashes and hot gases flow
waterfalla stream that flows over the edge of a cliff
porta place with a harbor where ships can anchor


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