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Chapter 7 Quiz

Key Words Matching

Chemical BondingCombining of atoms of elements to form new substances
Valence electronElectron in the outermost energy level of an atom
ionic bondingBonding that involves a transfer of electrons
ionizationprocess of removing electrons and forming ions
ionization energyenergy is needed for ioniation
electron affinitytendency of an atom to attract electrons
crystal latticeregular rebeating arrangement of atoms
covalent bondingbonding that involves the sharing of electrons
electron-dot diagramdiagram that uses a chemical symbol for an element surrounded by a series of dots to represent the electron sharing in a covalent bond
diatomic elementElement whose atoms can form covalent bonds with another atom of the same element
moleculecombination of atoms formed by a covalent bond
network solidcovalent substance with very large molecules/high melting point atoms/etc
polyatomic ionGroup of covalently bonded atoms that acts like a single atom when combing with other atoms
metallic bondbonding of metals
oxidation numbernumber of electrons an atom gains/loses/shares when forming bonds
elementsimplist type of pure substance

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