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energy 1 vocabulary activies

Mrs. Gomberg's energy 1 vocabulary words

aristotleone of the first physicists
Galileoan italian astronaomer and Mathmetition
hypothesiseducated guess
experimartationone of the foundation of modern science, to experiment
Sir Issac Newtoncome up with a better set of rules for motion
wnergyability to work
workpush or a pull
forcethat witch causes a mass to accelarate
resistive forcesforces exerted in the opposite direction as the motion of the object
lawsapply to all situations with an exeptions
first law of motionstates: an object will remain in either a state of rest or a state of constant motion unless affected an outside force
inertiathe resistance of fundamental characteristics of all objects to change
thrid law of motionstates: forces come in pairs aka: for every action there is and equal and opposite reastion
observationsa powerful toal in science to observe things
physicsa fermdmental branch of science concerned with discovering the ultanite rules that govern the entire universe

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