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Geo- Chpt.4. Vocab

Vocabulary Review for Chapter 4- United States

conterminoussurrounded by a common boundary
megalopolisterm for a series of cities, such as those from Boston to Washington, D.C.
Piedmontterm for the eastern edge of the Appalachian region
coral reefthese are submerged or low-lying structures formed over time from the skeletons of small sea animals
free enterprisetype of economic system,people own and run businesses with little government control
acid raincreated when air pollution mixes with water vapor and falls to the earth as rain/snow
constitutiona written plan of government
republicform of government where people elect their own officials
ethnic grouppeople who share a common culture, history and language
mobilepeople that move from place to place
National Parkarea set aside for recreation and protection of wilderness and wildlife
multiculturalterm for a country with many cultures
coloniesland belonging to another country
leisure activitiessports and watching television

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