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Life Functions

This quiz includes the 8 main life functions that all living organisms perform.

NutritionThe life function that involves taking materials from the environment and changing them into usable forms called nutrients.
NutrientsThe substances that na organism needs for energy, growth, repair, or maintenance.
IngestionTaking in food from the environment.
DigestionBreaking down complex food materials into simpler forms that an organism can use.
TransportThe process by which substances enter and leave cells and become distributed within the cells.
RespirationThe process of releasing chemical energy.
SynthesisCombining simpler substances chemically to form more complex substances.
AssimilationThe incorporation of materials into the organism's body.
GrowthThe process by which living organisms increase in size.
ExcretionThe removal of cellular wastes from an organism's body.
RegulationAll of the activities that help to maintain an organism's homeostasis.
ReproductionThe process by which living things produce new organisms of their own kind.
MetabolismAll of the chemical reactions occuring within the cells of an organism.
HomeostasisMaintaining a stable, internal environment.
EgestionThe process of eliminating excess food wastes.
CyclosisThe swirling of cytoplasm in a cell to transport materials within it.
AerobicA form of respiration involving the use of oxygen.
AnaerobicA process of respiration that does not use oxygen.
AsexualA form of reproduction that involves one parent.
SexualA form of reproduction that involves two parents.

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