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Words on the Web

These activities will test your knowledge of some of the terminology you will encounter when using the internet.

cookiea short file put on your system by a web page to facilitate interaction
virusa destructive program or code that has the ability to reproduce itself and infect other programs and disks
chata place on internet where users can talk in real time
crackerperson who breaks into a network or computer system
firewallblocks or manages communication in and out of a network
newbienovice user
browsersoftware used to surf the WWW
encryptiontechnique of scrambling transmitted data to prohibit unauthorized access
spamjunk e-mail
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)address of a web site
linkallows you to jump to another site by clicking the mouse
ISP (Internet Service Provider)your connection to the internet
downloadtransfer of information from the internet to your computer
hitsnumber of times a site has been accessed
e-mailmessages sent and received over the internet
internetworldwide network of networked computers
e-tradingbuying and selling on line
flamingusing angry or insulting words in electronic communication
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)used to transfer files through the internet from one computer to another
privacy policythe statement of how a site will use your personal information

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