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chapter review

chivalrythe code a knight follows
troubacourpoets and muscians
apprenticea person who learns a trade
excommunicateto cut off from church
popehead of the church
mercenarya soldier thats paid to kill
centurya period of 100 years
philosophera person who seeks wisdom and truth
democracygov't which people have final power
reincarnationthe rebirth of ones innerself
pyramidtomb of a pharoah
scribeperson who reads and writes manuscripts
bartereconomy which goods are traded instead of money
bronze`mixture of copperf and tin
domesticateto tame wild animals
archeologistperson who studies ancient ruins
mytha story about nature and gods
absolutenot limited by constitutional restraints
fuedalisma gov't based on land holding
suirea person who waits on a knight
crusadea religous war to save jerusalem
parlimenta legeslative body of gov't
oasisa fresh water source in the desert
savannaa grassy plain with few spread trees
glaciera large chunck of ice


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