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Literary terminology

These are games that review the standard terminology used in literature.

puna play on words
symbolismuse of one object to suggest another
genrecategories that works of literature may be put into
moodattitude of the author toward a subject
toneattitude of the author toward the audience
herocentral character of a book
antiheromain character that is the opposite of what we would expect
axiomtruth held to be self evident
idiomuse of words not to be taken literally
ironyrecognizing a truth/reality different than it appears
literalaccurate exactly to the letter as expressed
figurativehaving a meaning different than stated
foreshadowinga hint of something to come
hyperbolegross exaggeration
plotseries of events which form a story
rising actionaction that builds toward the crisis point
climaxpoint of highest interest or emotional response
falling actionaction begins to come to a close after the crisis
point of viewpoint from which the story is told
personificationgiving human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects

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