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Chapter 5

Windows 95 Unleashed

objectseparate enitites with their own properties and actions
context menuwhen you right-click, the menu that appears
tabsheadings that run across the top of a dialog box
foldernot merely a new name for directory but a new concept of storage
printer folderthe folder that contains icons for all the printers installed
control panela folder that lets you customize various aspects fo Windows 95
Recycle bincontains files you have deleted
desktopa container for all the other folders associated with your system
network neighborhooda folder that contains computers, workgroups and domains associated with your network
VFATa method of conserving 8.3 filenames yet allowing up to 250 characters
shortcuthas an extension .LNK
My Computerhas icons representing floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, mapped network drives, and control panel
UNC or Universal Naming Conventionan example: \\server\common
Recycle Bincontains files deleted from your hard drive, files deleted from floppy drives do not go here
My Briefcaseprovides a method of easily updating files from or to computer and laptop or another computer
Plug and Playhot docking, or automatic configuration of hardware
taskbarcan be accessed using Ctrl + Esc, also the gray strip that runs across the bottom of the screen
settingson the start menu displays control panel, printers, and taskbar
system traythe right side of the taskbar
Alt + Esc or Alt + Shift + Tab or Alt + Tabdifferent ways of cycling through the icons of programs

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