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SAT words to know (aftermath to aloof)

aftermathoutcome; result
agapeopen-mouthed; surprised
agendaa listor program of things to be done
aggrandizeto enlarge or to expand
aggravateto worsen an already bad situation; to intensify
aggregateto collect; to gather together
aghastshocked; terrified
agileable to move quickly
agitateto upset; to stir up
agnosticone who doubts the existence of God
agoraphobiafear of open places
agrarianpertaining to farmers and agriculture
aguea fever; plague
alacrityliveliness; willingness
albatross(two meanings) a seabird; a constant burden
alchemychemistry of the Middle Ages
aliasan assumed name
alienstrange; foreign
alienateto make others unfriendly to you
alimentaryfurnishing food or nourishment
allayto relieve or to calm
allegedso-called; supposed
allegorya symbolic work of literature
allegrorapid; quick
alleviateto lessen; to relieve
allocateto set aside for a specific purpose
alludeto hint at; to refer to indirectly
alluringtempting; fascinating; charming
alluvialpertaining to a deposit of sand formed by flowing water
aloftup in the air; high
aloofreserved; cool; indifferent

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