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Vocabulary I Computer Basics

Match the correct words and definitions.

inputData manually put into a computer.
peripheralAny separate input or output device attached to a CPU.
pixelThe smallest part (dot) of a picture that the computer screen can show.
menuA list of the choices within a program.
scrollingThe movement of text up and down on a screen.
mouseThe input device for moving a cursor on the screen.
BITA Binary Digit, 0 or 1, the smallest unit of data that a computer can process.
dataFacts stored in a computer.
iconA small picture or symbol of a command or function.
hard copyAny file printed on a sheet of paper.
chipA single integrated circuit made of silicon.
hard driveIs inside the computer and stores and saves everything put into the computer, even if the electricity is turned off.
disk driveThe part of the computer which reads data from a disk.
byteIs equal to eight BITS of data.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)The brain of the computer.

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