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Geography terms of the Americas

A review of the Chapter One vocabulary.

historyaccount of events in the development of a civilization.
geographystudy of people, their environments, and their resources
archipelagoa chain of islands
capenarrow point of land extending into water
climateaverage weather over a period of about 30 yrs
continental dividemountain ridge that separates river systems
latitudemeasures distance north or south from equator
longitudemeasures distance east or west from Prime Meridian
International Date Linewhen crossing this line one gains or loses a day
cartographermap maker
hemispherehalf of the earth
deltaland area formed by soil deposited at mouth of a river
isthmusnarrow strip of land
irrigatebring water to an area
glacierthick sheet of ice
peninsulaland surrounded by water on 3 sides
piedmontrolling land along base of a mountain range
plainbroad area of fairly flat land
plateaularge raised area of flat or gently rolling land
steppeflat, treeless land with limited moisture
straitnarrow channel connecting two larger bodies of water
tributarystream or small river flowing into larger river system
Mercator map projectionshows correct shape of land masses but not size
Robinson map projectionaccurate shape and size of MOST land masses and oceans
Interrupted map projectionaccurate shape and size of land masses but not oceans
Polar map projectionaccurate shape and size of land masses and oceans, but only one hemisphere at a time
tidewaterlow-lying coastal land whose waters are affected by tides

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