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09 Cell Reproduction

cell reproduction vocabulary plus bio review words

chromatidhalf of a replicated chromosome
centromerethe place where two chromatids are glued together to form a chromosome
homologous chromosomesautosomes that carry the same information and match each other
karyotypea photograph of a person's homologous chromosomes in a human
diploidhaving two sets of chromosomes
haploidsperm and eggs have only one set of chromosomes
mitosisnuclear division in eukaryotes
meiosiscell division that produces gametes
cell cyclethe repeating events that make up the life of a cell
interphasea time between cell divisions when a cell grows
cytokinesiswhen a cell's cytoplasm is equally divided into two cells
prophasefirst mitosis phase in which the chomosomes become visible
metaphasemitosis stage when chromosomes line up at the equator
anaphasemitosis stage when chromatids separate
telophasemitosis stage when two cells are formed
gametessperm and eggs
synapsispairing of homologous chromosomes
crossing-overportions of chromatids break off and attach to adjacent chromatids during meiosis
independent assortmenta random separation of maternal and paternal chromosomes
spermatogenesismeiosis that produces sperm
oogenesismeiosis that produces eggs
chromatinDNA material that is unwound in the nucleus
chromosomea single body that contains an average of 1,000 genes
replicated chromosomeconsists of 2 identical chromatids

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