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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Chapter 1 (Fundamentals of C++ by Lambert & Nance) introduces computer science students to computer architecture and computer languages.

algorithma sequence of steps to solve a problem
datanumbers and characters that are used to represent information
mainframelarge computer used by major companies and universities
minicomputera small version of a mainframe used by several people at once
microcomputera computer capable of fitting on a desk top to be used by one person
workstationa powerful desk top computer
networka group of computers that are linked to share resources
hardwarethe physical computing machine and its support devices
softwareprograms that make a computer do something
programa set of instructions that tells the machine what to do
CPUbrain of the computer - includes ALU and CU
random access memorytemporary memory contained in the computer
read only memorypermanent memory
executetp carry out the instructions of a program
binary digita digit, either a 0 or 1
input devicea device that provides information to the computer
output devicea device that allows you to see the results of a program
secondary memoryadditional external memory locations that include floppies, hard drives, etc.
machine languagethe language used directly by the computer
assembly languagelow level language usually using unsophisticated words and symbols
modema device that connects a computer to a telephone system to transmit data
high level languagea language that uses words and symbols that is easy to read and write
compilerchecks for syntax errors and converts source to object code
source codeprogram that you write in high level language
object codemachine language version of your program
buga syntax error in your program

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