Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Idioms !!!

Match the idioms with their respective meanings.

once in a blue moonoccasionally
a dog with two tailsexuberant
a bull in a china shopvery clumsy
a march haremad
to let the cat out of the baglet out a secret
as pale asa sheet
to kick the bucketto die
to bury the hatchatto be friends again
a needle in the haystackimpossible
in cloud ninevery happy
to be all earsvery eager
to get the sackto be fired
piece of cakevery easy
every cloud have a silver liningto take every crisis as an opportunity
like the cat that got the creamsmug and pleased with oneself
like carrying coals to Newcastleunnecessary waste of effort
to get hot under the collarvery agitated or annoyed
to bury one's head under the sandavoid facing up to problems or difficulties
straight from the horse mouthunlikely to be lying
to take to one's heelsrun away very fast

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