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Scientific Method

Key terms for chapter 2 - Sci 9CP

controlstandard for comparison; group in which all conditions remain the same
datainformation from experiments; experimental results
deductive reasoningsuggesting that something may be true about a specific case from known general rules
dependent variableobservation or measurement of a second condition that results from the condition that was changed
ethicsstudy of the standards of what is right or wrong
experimentprocedure that tests a hypothesis by collecting information under a controlled conditions
hypothesistestable explanation for a question or a problem
independent variablethe condition in an experiment that is changed
inductive reasoningreasoning from a particular set of facts to a general rule
safety symbolused to warn you that a danger may exist from the experiments
scientific methodscommon steps scientists use to gather information and solve problems
technologyapplication of scientific research to society's needs and problems
theoryexplanation of natural events that is supported by scientific evidence obtained from experimentation and observations

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