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Terminology necessary for the use of Windows. Based on in-class instruction.

menuList of commands and functions
menu barLocated at the top of the screen. Contains categories for each list of commands and functions.
scroll barUsed to move a document on the screen up/down or left/right.
task barSpecific information of what is currently happening in a program.
toolbarContains shortcuts to the many features of a program.
desktopWhat you see on the screen before you start a program.
fileContains data such as a document or computer instructions run programs.
file nameThe name of a file.
file typeseg. .exe, .com, .dll, .doc
iconthumbnail size picture used to start a program.
programssoftware such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases, various games, etc.
start menuUsed to access programs, documents, shut down the computer, etc.
exitTerminate a program.
maximizeTo enlarge a program in order to use the full screen size.
minimizeTo temporarily hide a program from view.
openA command used to open a document.
restoreTo view a program in it's original size.
save asA command used to save a file, change a file’s name, or change a file’s storage location.
mouseDevice used to move the arrow on the screen.
clickTo quickly press and release the mouse button.
double clickTo quickly press and release the mouse two times.
left clickTo click with the left mouse button.
right clickTo click with the right mouse button.

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