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Geography Terms

archipelagoa group of many islands
baypart of an ocean or lake extending into the land and usually smaller than a gulf
capea point of land extending into a body of water
deltaa triangular deposit of sand and soil that collects at the mouth of some rivers
gulfpart of an ocean extending into land and usually larger than a bay
harbora sheltered area of water where ships can anchor safely
isthmusa narrow strip of land with water on both sides, connecting two larger areas of land
oasisa fertile place in the desert where there is water and some vegetation
straita narrow waterway connecting two large bodies of water
tributarya stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
canala waterway dug across land through which ships can pass
channela narrow, deep waterway connecting two bodies of water; the deepest part of a river or waterway
deserta dry, barren region that may be sandy and without trees
glaciera huge mass of ice that moves slowly down a mountain
islandan area of land completely surrounded by water
lakea large body of water surrounded by land
mountaina land form with high elevation and a pointed or rounded top higher than a hill
mountain rangea row of connected mountains
mouth (of a river)the part of a river where its waters flow into another body of water
peninsulaland surrounded by water on all sides but one
plaina broad and flat or gently rolling area usually low in elevation
rivera large stream of water that flows into a lake , ocean, or other body of water
swamplow, wet land that supports grass and trees
valleylow land between hills or mountains
volcanoan opening in the earth's surface through which steam, ashes, and lava are forced out

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