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Cells Units of Life: Chapter 2 Science

Cell Theoryall living things are made up of one or more cells
Chloroplastcaptures energy from the sun
Cytoplasmgelatin-like substance in cells
Microscopesa tool for seeing tiny things, including cells
Mitochondrionconverts food energy into a form the cell can use
Nucleuscontrols most of the cells activities
Organ Sytema group of organs that work together
Organellesspecialized cell parts
Tissuesa group of similar cells that do the same work
Vacuolestores food, water, minerals and waste in the cells
WaterWhat cytoplasm is mainly made up of
Supportwhat the cells in a plant stem provide for the plant
Respiratory Systeman example of an organ system
Bacteriathe kind of cell that has no organelles
chromosomesthe hereditary material contained in the nucleus

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