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The Five Senses

Learn some terms about your five senses.

The EyeOrgan for the sense of sight
The EarOrgan for the sense of sound
The NoseOrgan for the sense of smell
The SkinOrgan for the sense of touch
TongueOrgan for the sense of taste
The Taste BudsFound on the tongue; distinguish four different tastes
EpidermisOuter layer of skin
Nerve EndingsFound in skin; detect pressure, pain, heat and cold
Optic NerveCarries image from the eye to the brain where it is interpreted
Olfactory NerveCarries the stimulus from odor from the nose to the brain
Sound WavesMethod of carrying sound energy
SightThe eye is responsible for this sense
TasteThe tongue is responsible for this sense
TouchThe skin is the organ responsible for this sense
SmellThe nose is responsible for this sense
HearingThe ears are responsible for this sense
Ear DrumVibrates when sound waves strike it
OdorStimulates the sense of smell
VisionAnother name for the sense of sight
Olfactory LobeFound in the brain; interprets odors

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