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health unit 8

Your Body and Drugs 5th grade HBJ Health

dosagemedicine amount to take
drug abusetake drug harms health
drugsubstance changes body,not food
prescriptionsdoctor's order for medicine
nicotinesubstance in cigaretttes,speeds up heart
bronchitisdisease in which tubes get swollen,painful
alcoholdrug in beer, wine
alcoholisminability to stop abusing alcohol
cirrhosisliver disease from alcohol abuse
OTC medicinesmedicine bought without prescription
medicine misusewrong dosage,too often,for other reason
withdrawalalcoholics stop drinking illness
cigarette smokehave carbon monoxide and tar
cigarette smoking problemsheart disease,digestive damage,lung cancer
drug abusealcoholism,cigarette smoking
any medicine canbe dangerous
anyone who abuses alcohol canbecome an alcoholic
other people's smoke canhurt you even if you don't smoke
most heavy smokersdon't live as long as nonsmokers
using drugs correctly for illnessis not drug abuse

Susan Hinckley-Porter

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