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Ch 1 Vocabulary

These are the terms which you should know to be successful on your Chapter 1 vocabulary test.

basethe number being multiplied in a power
equationexpression containing an = symbol
evaluatemeans to solve
exponenttells you how many times to multiply the base times itself
factora number multiplied
numerical expressioncontains only numbers and more than 1 operation
powerwritten with a base and an exponent
altitudethe height of a triangle
areathe amount of surface covered
height of parallelogramdistance between parallel lines
parallelogramquadrilateral with 2 sets of parallel lines
perimeterdistance around a polygon
rectanglequadrilateral with 4 congruent angles, 2 pr parallel lines
squarequadrilateral with all sides congruent, all angles congruent
addition propertyadd same number to same sides and sides will be equal
algebraic expressioncontains variables and numbers
associative propertychange the grouping and answer stays the same
commutative propertychange the order and the answer is the same
distributive propertythe sum of 2 addends multiplied by a no. is the sum of the product of each addend and the no.
division propertydivide both sides by the same number and sides are equal
inequalitycontains< and > symbols
inverse operationmeans opposite
multiplication propertymultiply both sides by the same number and sides are equal
open sentencecontains numbers, variables, and = sign
replacement setset of numbers containing the solution
solutionthe answer to an equation
substituteto put a number in place of a variable
subtraction propertysubstitute both sides with same number and sides are equal
variableletter represents number

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