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Vocabulary_11 Lesson 1

taken from the list "200 of the most misspelled words"

abundanceplenty; ample supply
knowledgeunderstanding gained by actual experience
permittedconsent to; to tolerate
quarantineto isolate an infected person(s) from others
governmenta method or system of control
consistentagreeing; harmonious; firmness
fictitiousimaginary; pretend to be t
financiallyrelating to money resources
mortgagetransfer of property for payment of debt
eitherone or the other
absencefailure to be present
hemorrhagedischarge of blood from blood vessels caused by injury
recommendto praise; to make a statement in favor of
seizetake posession of by force
sufficientadequate to accomplish a purpose; enough
transferredto move from one place to another
theoriesopinions; a guess; a hypothesis believed by faith
vacuuma space of empty matter; a gap
vengeancepunishment inflicted in return for some offense against oneself
weirdunearthly; uncanny; eerie
zoologythe science of the facts on animal kingdom are collected, studied, and explained


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