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JR Unit 4 English vocabulary

Finalcoming at the end
porcelaina fine, whit, hard earthenware
obesevery fat; stout
pharmacythe work of preparing drugs and medicines according to a doctor's order
oratora person who gives an oration
arthriticrelating to or affected with arthritis
sparkledglistened; glittered
determinedsettled or decided on
hyenaa wild animal of Africa and Asia that looks like a large dog
broad-mindedtolerant of varied views
waddledwalked with short steps, swaying from side to side
punctualcoming or doing something at the right time; prompt
shoulderedto assume the responsibility or burden of
emaciatedvery thin
musicallike music; full of melody, harmony, etc.
encyclopediaa book or set of books that gives information on all branches of knowledge
injectionan act of injection
marionettea puppet or small jointed doll moved by strings
fossilhardened remains or prints as in rocks, of plants and animals or long ago
frugalnot wasteful; saving

7th grade science & advisory teacher
Southwestern Middle School
Piasa, IL

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