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Geography World - South America

terms related to the study of the geography of South America

South Americathe 4th largest continent
landlockedhaving no access to the sea
Andeslargest mountains in South America
Patagoniadry, windswept plateau of southern South America
llanosnorthern plains area of South America
Angel Fallsworld's highest waterfall - Venezuela
pampasfertile prairies of Argentina
Atacamadesert region in Chile
IncaIndian civilization of Peru
Creoleperson of Spanish ancestry born in South America
mestizoperson of mixed European and Indian ancestry
Guyananearly half its population is from India
Simon Bolivarled many revolutions for independence in South America
nationalizedindustry taken over by the government
Venezulacountry with large oil deposits in South America
coffeegrown primarily in Colombia and Brazil
coupsudden overthrow of the government, usually by the military
Guyanaformerly known as British Guiana
Surinameformerly known as Dutch Guiana
Quechuaancient Inca language still spoken in Peru
altiplanoBolivia's high plain
Gran Chacoflat, scrub- and marsh-covered area of northern Argentina and western Paraguay
GuaraniIndian language spoken in Paraguay
gauchocowboy in Argentina
juntamilitary council which have ruled Argentina for long periods
estancialarge cattle ranch in Argentina

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