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Vocabulary Chapter 5


forcea push or a pull
inertiatendency to resists a change in motion
average speedrate of motion calculated by dividing distance traveledby time traveled
workis done when applied force causes an object to move in the direction of the force
velocityspeed of an object and it's direction of motion
accelerationchange in velocity divided by the amount of time needed for the change to occur
instantaneous speedspeed of an object at any given time
compound machinea combination of simple machines
inclined planea sloped surface; sometimes called a ramp
frictionmotion between two touching surfaces and always acts opposite to the direction of the motion
pulleyan object with a groove, like a wheel, with a rope or chain running through the groove
levera rod or plank that pivots about a point
simple machinedevice that makes work easier with only one movement
mechanical advantaggenumber of times a machinemultiples the effort force you apply to it

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