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Chapter Two Quiz

The quiz tests underatding of the terms duscussed in Chapter 2

civilizationA form of culture that includes cities, writing, & complex institutions.
artisanA skilled worker who makes goods by hand.
cunieformAncient form of writing that used wedge-shaped symbols.
institutionA long-lasting pattern of organization in a society
city-statePolitical unit made up the city and surrounding area.
barterA form of trade, exchanging goods, not money
polytheistA person who believes in many gods
empireA state that conquers other territories and people and then rules them.
litreracyThe ability to read and write
monotheistA person who believes in one god
prophetA messenger sent to reveal God's will
Fertile CrescentAn arc of land, its eastern end touching the Persian Gulf, it's western end lying along the Mediterranean Sea
MesopotamiaTeh land between two Rivers; The Tigris and Euphrates
Bronze AgeThe period beginning about 2800 B.C. when bronze became very important in the making of tools
Iron AgeThe period beginning about 900 B.C. when iron became important in the making of tools
SumerA collection of separate cities with a common way of life, located in southern Mesopotamia
HammurabiAmorite king who conquered all of Mesopotama and formalized a code of laws for the region.
PhoeniciansAround 1100 B.C., most powerful traders and merchatns around the Mediterranean Sea
JewsA monotheistic group fo people who settled in a land called Canaan
MosesA man who lead the Jews out of slavery in Egypt to seek a land of their own.

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