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Unit 3 Vocab

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop
Level A

barragea rapid, large scale outpouring of something
bigotan intolerant, prejudiced person
disignateto indicate, point out
diversitydifference, variety
enigmasomeone or somethign that is extremely puzzling
gloatto look at of think about with great intensity
globalof relating to or involving the entire world
illusiona false idea
infuriateto make very angry
motivateto provide with a reason for doing
pacifistone who is against war or the use of violence
queuea line of people waiting for something
restrictto keep within set limits
slaketo satisfy, relieve or bring to an end
terrainthe landscape
vocationany trade, profession or occupation
vowa solemn or sacred promise
waylayto lie in wait for and attack
witherto dry up, wilt

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