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PERMUTATIONnumber of different possible SEQUENCES of r things taken from a sample of n things
COMBINATIONnumber of different possible TEAMS of r people taken from a sample of n
CLASSICALprobability assuming equal likelihood of alternatives (a priori)
EMPIRICALprobability based upon past observations (a posteriori)
SUBJECTIVEprobability based upon an individual's guesses
0.00probability representing that something is impossible
1.00probability representing that an event is certain
COMPLEMENTprobability of an event not occurring
CONDITIONALprobability of an event, given that another event has occurred
JOINTprobability of two events BOTH occurring
CONTINGENCY TABLEshows cross tabulation of two different variables
VENN DIAGRAMshows overlap of different possibilities
TREE DIAGRAMshows different possible contingent probabilities (Bayesian)
ADDITION RULEformula for EITHER of two events occurring
EVENTa particular outcome of a trial
PROBABILITYthe likelihood of an event occurring

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