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Care of Surgical Patient Chapter 42

ablation surgerysurgery to excise or remove of diseased body part
pallative surgerysurgery to relieve or reduce intensity of disease symptoms
reconstructive surgerysurgery to restore function or appearance
transplant surgerysurgery to replace malfunctioning organ
constructive surgerysurgery that restores function as a result of congenital anomalies
preoperativetime before surgery
intraoperativetime during surgery
postoperativetime following surgery
ABCDE Mneumonic - Aallergy
ABCDE Mneumonic - Bbleeding tendency
ABCDE Mneumonic - CCortisone or steroid use
ABCDE Mneumonic - DDiabetes Mellitus
ABCDE Mneumonic - EEmboli
Feverfewherb given for migraine preventative; anticoagulant
Gingerherb given for motion sickness, gas ; prolonged clotting
St. John's Wortherb given for depression; possible drug interactions
Valerian Rootherb given as a sleep aid; may increase effect of CNS depressant
Polypharmacyconcurrent use of multiple medications; common with the elderly
Medication Reconciliation Formkeeps track of home medications and newly prescribed medications
Preoperative Lab testsurinalysis, CBC,Blood Chemistry Profile, Electrolytes
NPOnothing by mouth
Atelectasiscollapsed lung
pneumoniainflammation of the lungs
thrombusblood clot
embolusblood clot that travels in the blood stream
SCDsSequential Compression Device
TEDSThromboemolic Deterrant Stokings
PCAPatient Controlled Analgesia
reduces anxietyValium (diazepam), Versed (midazolam), Ativan (lorazepam)
decrease anesthetic neededValium (diazepam), Demerol (meperidine), morphine
reduces respiratory tract secretionsanticholinergics - atropine
General Anesthesiaanalgesia, amnesia, muscle relaxation and unconsciousness occurs
anesthesiameans absence of feeling
Induction1st phase of general anesthesia; administration of agents
Maintenance2nd phase of general anesthesia; surgical incision and procedure
Emergence3rd phase of general anesthesia; anesthetics are decreased;

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