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Chapter 8 The Market Revolution

Early industries built next to thisrivers
Eli Whitneyinterchangeble parts
Businesses who compete for profitfree market system
wealth that can be investedcapital
Francis Cabot LowellWaltham, Mass. mill owner
CitiesUrban areas
Coal mining centerPennsylvania
crowded apartmentstenements
worked cheapwomen and immigrants
famous phrase down southKing Cotton
tobacco growing stateVirginia
responsible for the murder of 57 whitesNat Turner
betrayed by his followersDenmark Vessey
Monroe DoctrineJames Monroe
VP under JacksonJohn C. Calhoun
Corrupt BargainAdams and Clay
Internal ImprovementsJohn Adams
man of the peopleJackson
government jobs go to friendspatronage
Tariff of 1828Tariff of Abominations
To withdraw from the unionsecede
case involving CherokeeWorchester vs. Georgia
forced march to OklahomaTrail of Tears
opposed Andrew JacksonWhigs
president of Bank of the U.S.Nicholas Biddle

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