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Spelling for Red Fern

squallinga harsh cry or scream
cura worthless mongrel dog
dormantnot active but capable of becoming active
caressa light stroking
allottedto assign as a share or portion
aromatica noticeable and pleasant smell
canebrakesa thicket of cane
switchingsto strike or whip
festeredto grow harder to bear
mulledto consider at length
fabulousexaggeration, extraordinary
heftto test the weight of
urgencycalling for imediate attention
destinationa place which is the goal of a journey
briersa prickly plant or shrub
provisionsstock of materials supplies or food
amendssomething done or given by a person to make up for something
depota railroad or bus station
sorghumgrass similar to Indian corn
hillbillya person from a mountainous or backwoods area


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