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ENG: Literature Terms

Students will review the literature terminology we have learned in class.

fictionwritten from the writer's imagination
short storyfiction designed to be read in one sitting
novelfiction in book length
characterthe people, animals, or creatures that take part in the action of a story
settingthe time and place in which a story takes place
plotthe action and events of a story
conflictthe problem or struggle around which a plot hinges
expositionthe beginning of a plot, characters,setting, and conflict are introduced
complicationsthe characters and conflict are more fully developed
climaxthe peak of the action, the turning point of the plot
resolutionthe plot is brought to a close, the loose ends are tied up
themethe underlying message or life-truth that an author is trying to communicate
point of viewthe perspective from which a story is told
First person point of viewa story told by a character within the story
Third person point of viewa story told by someone not in the story--an outside observer

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