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Vocabulary Lesson "Law"

Admonitionthe act of admonitioning
Attorneya person whose profession is representing people in lawsuits or in a court and advising them of their rights; lawyer
Circumstantialrelating to; affected by circumstances
Confidentialtold or kept in secrecy or privacy
Conjecturethe act of forming an opinion not based on proof
Convictto find or prove guilty of a criminal charge
Custodykeeping care; gaurdianship
Discriminationthe act of discriminating
Disinheritto exclude to an inheritance from the right to inherit
Divorcelegal ending of a marraige
Entitleto give title or name to; call
Inequityinjustice; unfairness
Injunctiona court order requiring or forbidding some act
Jurora member of a jury
Juvenileof or suitable for children or young people
Nullifyto make void; declare invalid; annul
Premeditatedto consider, thinkout, or to plan before hand
Unwittinglynot knowing; unaware
Upholdto support, approve, or agree with
Verdictthe decision of a jury on trial

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