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Social Studies Chpt.14

Vocabulary for Chapter 14 The Renaissance.

humanismA movement that focuses on the beauty and goodness of people and the world.
patronsponsor of arts and learning
galleyVenetian ship
basilicaChristian church with a rectangular building and a domed ceiling at one end
printing pressA device to print pages and books
UtopiaBook about a Humanist society-perfect scociety
Geoffrey ChaucerWriter of the Cantebury Tales
William Shakespeare16th century playwright-Romeo and Juliet
Lorenzo GhibertiFamous architect
Medici FamilyPowerful Italian family-interested in the arts and education
The PrinceWritten by Machiavelli-A book which allows for trickery and violence from a ruler
Leonardo da VinciFamous artist-painter of Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Sistine ChapelChapel in the Vatican-ceiling painted by Michelangelo
Jacob FuggerInternational Banker
Michelangelo BuonarrotiFamous artist- Sculptor of the Pieta- Painter of Sistine Chapel
Johann GutenbergInventor of the printing press
Dante AlighieriEarly Renaissance writer-Author of The Devine Comedy
ErasmusRenaissance thinker-humanist
Sir Thomas MoreAuthor of Utopia- humanist

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