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Geography Fun

A fun way to study for geography

archipelagoa large group or chain of islands
atolla ring-shaped coral island surrounding a lagoon
baypart of an ocean, sea, or lake that extends into the land
buttea small, flat-topped hill
canyona deep narrow valley with steep sides
cliffa high, steep face of rock or earth
coastland along an ocean or sea
dama wall built across a river to hold back the flowing water
deltaland formed at the mouth of a rive by deposits of silt, sand, and pebbles
deserta very dry area where few plants grow
dunea mound, hill, or ridge of sand that is heaped up by the wind
fjorda deep, narrow inlet of the sea between high, steep cliff
foothillsa hilly area at the base of a mountain range
glacierlarge sheet of ice that moves slowly over some land surface or down a valley

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