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Geometry Terms

Given the definition, students will identify the correct Geometric term.

Adjacent anglesAngles that share a common side.
Supplementary anglesTwo Angles whose sum = 180
Midpoint of a segmentThe point that divides the segment into 2 congrunen segments
BisectorA line, ray or segment that divides an angle or segment into two congruent angles
ComplementaryTwo angles whose sum = 90 degrees
Linear pairTwo angles which form a straight angle
Vertical AnglesOpposite angles
Supplementary anglesTwo angles that form a straight angle
Acute anglean angle that is >0 and <90 degrees
Right angleAn angle that measure 90 degrees
Obtuse angleangle >90 and <180
Straight angleAngle = 180 degrees
Line segmentA line with two definite endpoints
TrisectTo divide an angle or segment into three congruent parts
PerpendicularTwo lines that form a right angle
ParallelTwo lines whose slopes are equal
Alternate interior anglesTwo angles that form a z and are congruent if the lines are parallel.
Corresponding anglesTwo angles that are the same position in relation to the transversal and the parallel line. They are congruent if the lines are parallel.
SlopeRise / Run or change in y over change in x
Distance formulaSubtract the x's, square them, subtract the y's, square them add the two sums and take the square root.

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