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Games to aid in the study of the Spectrophotometer: Unit 3 objectives 3-12.

Color produced by longest ways of visible spectrumRed
Color that absorbs almost all the light it receivesBlack
Six main colors of visible spectrumViolet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
Color produced by shortest rays of visible spectrumViolet
Wavelengths over 700 nmInfared
Wavelenths below 400 nmUltraviolet
Holmium Oxide filtersWavelength calibration
Working standardsStandard curve
Determine "a" in Beers lawSpectral absorbance curve
Determine "a" in Beers LawSpectral transmittance curve
"a" in Beers LawAbsorptivity of solution
"a" in Beers LawChoosing best wavelength to read absorbance
"b" in Beers LawPath length of radiant energy
"b" in Beers LawMatched cuvettes
"c" in Beers LawConcentration of analyte in solution
PhotodetectorPhotomultiplier Tube
PMTPhotomultiplier Tube
Stray LightMisaligned source lamp
Diffraction gratingMonochromator
Didymium FilterWavelength calibration
Stray LightCut-off filters
Neutral Density filtersLinearity checks
MonochromatorSelects for wavelength
Tungsten Lamp400 - 700 nm
Deuterium Lamp< 400 nm
2 - log %TAbsorbance
Linear graph paperAbs vs. Conc
Semi-log graph paper%T vs. Conc
Absorbance & ConcentrationDirectly related
%T & ConcentrationInverse and Logarthmically related

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